If you are fed up with dogs being directly or indirectly legislated out of existence, please read on.

We know that breed specific legislation is borne of trauma, fear and ignorance. We also know that it has an inordinately disproportionate impact on people and animals who aren’t creating the problems. That’s correct, isn’t it?

Are you one of those people? Do you have one or more of the phenotypically targeted  dogs who is struggling – to find housing? To to find places to safely exercise your dog? Are you afraid that your dog (and, by associatioñ YOU) may be randomly targeted by scared and ignorant people who are legally entitled to torment you?

In New York City, we’ve been dealing with the shenanigans if the uninformed, and frightened people since they discovered the brain to cranial cavity issue in Doberman Pinschers and quantified the crushing jaw power of the American Pit Bull Terrier. The Rottweilers always seemed to feel cheated – this is why they guarded everything and every one – simple insecurity, ya know?

I am committed to tackling #BSL in 2017. Can you help me? Are you or people that you know and trust truly game to kill #BSL? If so, drop me an email – share how #BSL affects you and I will reply personally and suggest one or more ways that your contribution(s) can help.

You know how animal lovers sometimes focus on the challenges and what they dislike about various people and projects? That’s not what I’m doing. I will work with anyone, and/or any organization that is committed to taking constructive action to #endBSL

Naysayers: Carry on. I plan to be too busy to debate with you. You don’t have to like what I’m doing or what I’m speaking about. If you have constructive criticism – please email me.

If you are in or around NYC, let’s sit down and grab a bite, or a cup. If you are available by Threema, WhatsApp, Facebook, TweetChat, Skype or otherwise, let me know how best to connect with you!

Here’s an overview: To address fear and ignorance, we need champions. This goes beyond BSL Warriors having breed ambassadors. Warriors against BSLpromote the selection, training and socialization of all community dogs because WE LOVE ALL PEOPLE and COMPANION ANIMALS.

WE look for ways to promote practical obedience training and socialization and to lead by example. We relentlessly plug our friends’ and neighbors’ successes. We offer free training and behavior management advice through SMS and social media. We celebrate and support our neighbors in doing the fight thing and recruit others to do the same. We create public events to demonstrate that we are the solution and then, we welcome warriors who would join us.

Time to get to work.

The Pet Ombuds
TbePetOmbuds at gmail dot com